Home » Journal » Top Analyst Miles Deutscher Says Now is the Time to Start Accumulating Solana (SOL) and These Coins Why Are These 3 Altcoins Raising So Much in Their Presales?Why Are These 3 Altcoins Raising So Much in Their Presales?

In a crypto landscape as unpredictable as a tempestuous sea, Miles Deutscher stands as a lighthouse guiding investors through the fog.

In a recent YouTube video, Deutscher meticulously outlines the coins he’s actively accumulating, the market trends he’s keenly observing, and his predictions for the next few months.

While he anticipates the market to remain in a “neutral/boring state” for the next three to five months, he’s strategically positioning himself for the resurgence of volume and the rise of specific coins like Unibot, Rollbit, and Solana.

Unibot: The Leader in Retail Crypto Applications

Miles Deutscher is bullish on Unibot, a platform designed to make it easier for retail users to engage with crypto. He believes that Unibot is a market leader in this narrative and is actively accumulating the coin. Despite the market’s current lull, he sees the future utility of applications like Unibot as a strong investment opportunity.

Rollbit: Betting on Human Nature

Rollbit is another platform that has caught Deutscher’s eye. It has shown significant fee growth, particularly in its casino side, which generated $800,000 in revenue in just the last 24 hours.

Deutscher is accumulating Rollbit as a medium to long-term investment, citing human nature’s inclination towards gambling as a strong point for the platform.

Solana: Weathering the FUD Storm

Solana has been the talk of the crypto Twitter world but has recently faced a lot of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). Deutscher believes that much of this is overblown and sees potential accumulation opportunities at specific support levels.

He views Solana as a strong non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) bet and plans to include it as a significant part of his altcoin portfolio.

Dappos and xCAD: Platforms to Watch

Deutscher also highlighted Dappos, a platform that aims to make decentralized applications more user-friendly. Although Dappos doesn’t have a token yet, Deutscher hinted at a potential airdrop in the future. Another platform, xCAD, allows users to earn money by watching YouTube videos. Deutscher is an official partner of both platforms and believes they offer unique solutions to existing problems in the crypto space.

EIP-4844: The Upcoming Ethereum Upgrade

Deutscher is keeping an eye on the upcoming EIP-4844 upgrade to the Ethereum network, set to happen in December.

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He believes this could be a catalyst for layer 2 cryptocurrencies like Arbitrum and Optimism, especially as the upgrade will significantly reduce gas fees.

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Final Thoughts

The crypto market may be in a state of flux, but Miles Deutscher is taking a long-term view, focusing on coins and trends that show promise for the future. As we look forward to 2024 and beyond, these insights offer valuable perspectives for anyone interested in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.

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