Commonly used acronyms

When people talk about Gunbot, they use a lot of Acronyms and other strange terms.

These are some of the common ones.

  • MVTS – Refers to the variable MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL
  • MVTB – Refers to the variable MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY
  • TL – Refers to the variable TRADING_LIMIT
  • ITB – Refers to the variable IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE
  • JSON – JavaScript Object Notation which is the format in which gunbots config, and other core files are in. If someone is asking “to see your jsons”, they are more than likely referring to the file which should be named exchange-BASE_QUOTE-state.json, located in your gunbot executable location, after the pair has been cycled at least once.
  • DU – Double up is a bag management strategy
  • TTO – Refers to the variable TSSL_TARGET_ONLY
  • RT – [Reversal trading|Reversal-trading]] which is another bag management strategy
  • RTSB – Refers to the variable RT_SELL_BUYDOWN
  • RTBB – Refers to the variable RT_BUY_BUYDOWN
  • BEP – BreakEven Point – a different name for average bought price.

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