Bollinger Bands

Info on Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands indicate relative high and low prices, using this information you can buy relatively low and sell relatively high.

With this strategy you can configure at which percentage from the lower Bollinger Band Gunbot should buy, and at which percentage from the upper Bollinger Band a sell order should be placed. Orders are placed as soon as price meets the set distance from the Bollinger Bands.



Pure Bollinger bands


Scenario: buy at LOW_BB 5, sell at HIGH_BB 5.

Great for relatively fast scalping, but it can be risky to just rely on Bollinger Bands. In this example, after the last buy prices dropped a lot and you have a bag to worry about.

Bollinger bands + Stochastic


Scenario: buy at LOW_BB 5, sell at HIGH_BB 5. Additionally use STOCH_BUY_LEVEL 20 and STOCH_SELL_LEVEL 80 for confirming oversold/overbought conditions after the Bollinger Bands values have been met.

This particular setting traded less often, but managed to find lower lows for buy orders. The gains per trade were bigger and the bot managed to sell each time.

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