Double Up

Double Up (DU) is a Gunbot feature to automatically average down assets, bringing down the average cost per unit when prices drop after a regular buy order.

By bringing the average price per unit down, the price to exit the trade profitably gets lower. Of course, the obvious risk of averaging down is investing more in units that already dropped in price. Use this feature carefully.

How it works

Below is an example of using Double up. The relevant settings used in the example would be:

  • DU_METHOD set to HIGHBB. With this method each DU buy is triggered when the upper Bollinger Band crosses down the last buy price.
  • DOUBLE_UP_CAP set to 1. Each DU buy is for 1:1 the amount of quote units already owned.
  • DU_CAP_COUNT set to 2. A maximum of two DU buys are allowed.
  • DU_BUYDOWN set to 1. The minimum required price difference for a DU buy compared to the buy price of the previous order.


Note that this example is kept simple intentionally, the amounts do not reflect real trades.

Taking the example above, this is an overview of the buy orders made – notice how the average price per unit moves down after each DU buy:

Units Price per unit Invested (cumulative) Avg Price per Unit
Buy 100 12.500 1.250.000 12500
DU Buy 1 100 10.800 2.330.000 11650
DU Buy 2 200 8.090 3.948.000 9870

The resulting sell order would have profitably sold all available units at a much lower price than the initial buy order:

Units Price per unit Proceeds
Sell 400 10.000 4.000.000

Configurable options for averaging down are:

  • Buydown: A minimum price difference between the last buy and next DU buy. Regardless which DU method is picked, buydown must be reached for a DU buy.
  • DU method: HIGHBB as shown above, or RSI where DU buys are only placed within a configurable RSI range.
  • Ratio: Defines how much extra quote units are bought for each DU buy.
  • Frequency: How many DU buy orders are allowed.
  • Trailing: DU buy orders can optionally use trailing.


Double Up can invest large amounts of base currency Be careful about the set ratio and frequency, make sure you have enough free funds.

Relevant settings

Following settings options are available Double Up.

Reversal trading is available in most Gunbot strategies, on each strategy page you’ll find an overview with only the relevant settings for that strategy.

Parameter Default value Description
DOUBLE_UP false Values: true or false.
When set to true, DOUBLE_UP will try to get rid of bags by averaging down. Works on all strategies. Averaging down can use up a lot of balance, make sure you have enough of your base currency available to cover each double up buy. Gunbot will start averaging down a bag according to your setting for DU_METHOD.

Averaging down means that you buy more units at a lower price, bringing down the average price per unit.

This sets the trigger for placing buy orders with double up. When set to HIGHBB Gunbot will start averaging down a bag when the actual upper Bollinger Band drops below bought price (not the distance from it as set in HIGH_BB) and the current price is a percentage below last bought price, as set in DU_BUYDOWN.

When set to RSI, buy orders will only be placed when the set RSI_BUY_LEVEL is reached and the current price is a percentage below last bought price, as set in DU_BUYDOWN.

DOUBLE_UP_CAP 1 Values: numerical – represents a ratio.
This defines the ratio to the pairs balance to be used for each consecutive buy when doubling up. Setting it to 0.5 would mean it uses a 0.5:1 ratio for averaging down. It is recommended to set this as high as you can afford, to increase your chance to actually average down and sell at profit.

Example with ratio of 1: initial buy of 100 LTC, first double up buy order is 100 LTC, second will be 200 LTC, then 400 LTC, etc. Example with 0.5 ratio: initial buy of 100 LTC, first double up buy order is 50 LTC, then 75 LTC, then 112.5 LTC.

DU_CAP_COUNT 0 Values: numerical – represents a number.
Limits the amount of times a double up order can be placed for a pair. The default setting of 1 would limit double up to only 1 buy before it waits to sell. When you set this higher, the bot will invest more and will get a lower average bought price to get rid of your bags faster.
DU_BUYDOWN 2 Values: numerical, ranging between 1 and 99 – represents a percentage.
The minimum price drop compared to the last bought price that needs to occur for double up buys to be placed.
RSI_DU_BUY 30 Values: numerical, ranging between 1 and 99.
Use this to specify the maximum RSI level for buying when DU_METHOD is set to RSI.

Double up depends on several TrailMe settings to reach better entry points. The relevant settings are listed below.

Parameter Default value Description
TRAIL_ME_DU false Values: true or false.
Use this to enable tssl-style trailing for double up orders.
TRAIL_ME_BUY_RANGE 0.5 Values: numerical – represent a percentage.
This sets the buy range for TrailMe. Setting a range of 0.5% at a starting price of 0.1 would set a range between 0.0995 and 0.1005. As long as prices keep moving downwards, the range moves down along with the price. As soon as prices start going upward, the range freezes and a buy order is placed when the price crosses the upper boundary of the range.

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