In this section you insert your API key and secret for the exchanges you want to trade on. You don’t need to remove the exchanges you do not want to trade on.

You can run pairs on multiple exchanges in one Gunbot instance. Exchanges cycle independent from each other.

If you want to use a different API key for trading than the one you initially registered with us, no problem! You can just use a new key without contacting support. Do make sure you keep the initially registered key active.

The following options exist for configuring exchange keys. Only fill in those that you actually need, and registered a Gunbot licence on.

Required permissions for API keys are different for each exchange.

Parameter Value Description
masterkey YOURMASTERAPIKEY The exchange key used for your Gunbot purchase (or the last registered key).
Used for authentication with the Gunbot license server. Not necessarily used for trading, key needs to exist at the exchange.
mastersecret YOURMASTERSECRETKEY The secret belonging to the key used for your Gunbot purchase (or the last key support swapped).
key YOURAPIKEY The exchange API key you want to use for trading with Gunbot.
Needs to be on the same exchange account as the masterkey and needs to have trading permissions. You can also enter the master key here again to trade with this key.
secret YOURSECRETKEY Change this value to the secret belonging to your API key that you want to use for trading.
clientId YOURCLIENTID Enter your CEX client ID. Only relevant for CEX.
passphrase YOURPASSPHRASE Enter your GDAX API passphrase. Only relevant for GDAX.
delay 1 Values: numerical – represents a multiplier value used in the formula to delay the bot.
Exchange specific delay. Bot will delay processing a new pair for a random amount of milliseconds. Formula: random value between 200 and 400 ms * BOT_DELAY.

Useful for when Gunbot requests data faster than the exchange API is allowing you to do. As the needed delay depends on the amount of pairs and the speed your system needs to cycle pairs, there are no recommended values.

This is exchange specific setting for delaying pair processing, it applies when it is set higher than the global BOT_DELAY parameter.


Make absolutely sure you safely keep a copy of your master key and secret. Never deactivate two factor authentication at your exchange when not strictly needed. Replacing your API is not free.

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