Gunbot V10 installation instructions

In this blogpost we will show you how to properly install Gunbot V10 and set it up. If you are upgrading from an older version, please make a fresh install and don’t try to import an older config file. This post will only cover a Gunbot installation on a Windows computer.

Download and install Gunbot

To get the download for your system please follow this link there you will find the download link to the file for your operating system: Windows, Mac or Linux. You will automatically download the latest release.

Now that you have downloaded the correct files, please create a new folder on your desktop (or other location on your computer), let’s call the folder Gunbot. Open the file you have downloaded and extract all the files in there into the folder you have just created. This was the ‘installation’ of Gunbot, now let’s start it up! In your folder you will find a file called ‘gunthy.exe‘, open it. Depending on what operating system you are using, you may get a firewall / Windows defender alert, you need to allow this program to run. A black promt window will open up displaying that the server is deployed, Gunbot is now running. You should leave this window open at all times!

Now open your internet browser and go to: localhost:5000. This will open the Gunbot graphical interface, first off it is time to set up your security so click the ‘Setup Account Security’ button.

Now you have the choise to enable a password and 2FA security. For now we are entering just a password. Click the ‘login’ button, a new screen will open where you may enter your password. After doing this you will be back on first screen like above. Now we will setup the exchanges you will be trading on by entering you API detail, please click ‘Connect Exchange’.


You can use Gunbot to trade on multiple exchange simultaneously. Trading pairs for the connected exchange are processed in parallel.

To connect to a new exchange, select your exchange and fill in all the fields for this exchange.

  • Master Key: the API key registered to be used with Gunbot. This key may have read only access as long as you use a different Key for actual trading.
  • Master Secret: The API secret for the Master Key.
  • Key: The API key used for trading, can be the same as Master Key. This key must exist in the same exchange account as the Master Key.
  • Secret: The API secret for the Key.
  • Delay: The delay factor (in seconds) for processing pairs on this exchange. Setting this to 10 should work in almost all cases, you can lower it later to speed up pair processing after you’ve verified that everything works.

Telegram notification settings

Gunbot can send notifications via Telegram for each trade it places. You can enable this on Settings > Preferences > Telegram.


Detailed documentation and instructions for creating a Telegram bot

Please be aware that you cannot run two Gunbot instances using the same Telegram bot.

Strategy configurator

A strategy in Gunbot is a collection of settings that can be assigned to one or more trading pairs. These pairs will then trade according to the assigned settings.

On Settings > Strategies > Strategy Configurator you can view and modify strategy presets, or create your own custom strategies.

Create a new strategy


Set a nickname for your strategy (this can be anything you want), and select the main methods for buying and selling. Hit the Create button to save the new strategy.

Modify an existing strategy


Click on a strategy nickname to edit its settings.


Make sure to read up on Gunbot strategies before you start trading.

On the strategy pages you can find detailed explanations for each buy and sell method, as well as documentation for all available strategy parameters.

Trading pairs

To configure which trading pairs Gunbot should trade, go to Settings > Trading > Trading Pairs.

Manage trading pairs


Gunbot uses a standardized format for entering trading pairs, this allows you to use the same syntax for all exchanges you might use.

The format is: BASECOIN-QUOTECOIN, where the base coin is the one used to buy another asset.

More information about pair names

To start trading on a new pair, just enter the pair name, pick the exchange and strategy and hit the Add button.

When you want to (temporatily) stop trading a pair, use the Enabled toggle.

Override settings

Overrides are pair specific settings, overruling the assigned strategy.


You can use this, for example, to set a different TRADING_LIMIT for a specific pair.

When adding overrides, make sure to enter the exact parameter names as listed on the Gunbot strategies pages.


The dashboard shows information on all of your exchange accounts that Gunbot is connected with and is actively processing trading pairs on.


Portfolio value

The portfolio value shows the value of your complete portfolio in various base currencies. This includes all holdings on exchange accounts that Gunbot is actively trading on.

Wallet balances

Under wallet balances you get an overview of all your holdings for your exchange accounts that Gunbot is connected with and is actively processing trading pairs on. This includes balances for coins you are not currently trading.

Recent trades

The recent trades overview shows a complete list of recent trades for all exchange accounts that Gunbot is actively trading on.

Pair summary

The pair summaries show the most important info for each active trading pair. For example:

  • recent activity
  • targets
  • a real time chart


The charts page shows a detailed overview for each active trading pair, this includes a lot of the data Gunbot works with.


Charts are shown in realtime by default, as soon as you start moving around in a chart it is no longer automatically updated. Click the yellow Realtime dot to reset the chart to it’s default settings.

Be aware that indicators shown in charts are calculated with the same data Gunbot works with, however they will not (yet) always match how the Gunbot core calculates them, as indicator settings are not reflected in the charts.

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