Misc settings

Miscellaneous settings.

Parameter Default value Description
STOP_LIMIT 60 Values: numerical – represents a percentage.
Sets a stop limit to sell a coin at a calculated loss. After a stop limit sell order has been placed, the bot will go into buying mode after TRADES_TIMEOUT has passed and will buy again when market conditions meet your buying strategy.

Setting a stop limit at 60 would make sure that all holdings for a coin are sold when 60% value is lost, compared to the averaged bought price. E.g. average bought price is 100, stop limit is executed at 40 and all assets are sold.

PANIC_SELL false Values: true or false.
When set to true, all coins will be sold at market value as soon as possible. This may incur losses!

You should only enable this when you want to sell your current holdings immediately.

TRADES_TIMEOUT 0 Values: numerical – represent time in seconds.
This sets a timeout preventing any trades being placed for a pair after the last order. TRADES_TIMEOUT is also in effect after starting the bot. This setting affects both buy and sell orders. While the timeout is active trades will not be placed and you will see Waiting to Trade - Safety Switch is on in the logs.

It is generally safe to maintain a timeout of 0 seconds, however you could increase the timeout when you want to force more time in between orders.

MIN_VOLUME_TO_BUY 0.001 Values: numerical – represents the total value of a coins holdings in base currency.
Sets a threshold for buy orders. Prevents orders from being placed when TRADING_LIMIT is lower than this value. Set this at least to the minimum trade size of your exchange.
MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL 0.001 Values: numerical – represents the total value of a coins holdings in base currency.
Sets a threshold for sell orders lower than the exchange minimum trade size. If you own less than the set amount, sell orders will not be placed and Gunbot goes into buying mode. Set this at least to the minimum trade size of your exchange.

When you hold 0.006 (in base currency) of a coin and have set MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL to 0.01, Gunbot will not try to sell your current 0.006 balance because it is below the set threshold of 0.01, instead it will place another buy order first as soon as buying are met.

IGNORE_TRADES_BEFORE 0 Values: unix timestamp in milliseconds (in GMT)
Optional parameter to force Gunbot to not consider any trades before the set timestamp. Only ever use this when you know what you are doing, and for example want to prevent RT from being started on a pair where the last sell order resulted in a loss.

Use https://currentmillis.com/ to convert human readable time in GMT to unix timestamps, make sure to use the timestamp in milliseconds.

BOUGHT_PRICE none Values: numerical – represent a price in base currency.
Only to be used as an override for pairs. Use this to manually enter the last (or average) bought price when Gunbot can no longer retrieve it from the exchange, remove the override after a sell occured. Usually Gunbot will notify you in its logs when it could not retrieve a bought price and you need to override it.

There can be several reasons for the need to override: you deposited coins, you bought coins in a different base currency than you are currently trading, or previous buy orders happened so long ago that the exchange does not provide the order information anymore. Many exchanges don’t provide order information on trades more than 30 days ago.

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