In the pairs sections you can configure which pairs to use, on which exchange and which strategy should be used, optional overrides are possible. You need to remove any example pairs in the config.js file that you are not planning to use. Pairs need to be written in CAPS.

The set base coin is the one you want to accumulate. You use the base coin to buy another asset, and sell it back for profit in the base currency. Gunbot will always sell all assets when selling, and will buy according to your set trading limit.

Gunbot normalizes pair notation, so all pairs for all exchanges follow the same logic:


All pairs with BTC as base currency are written like:


All pairs with USDT as base currency are written like:


For a few coins on Bitfinex, the API display name is required. These are:






Warning: Take care when you want to trade pairs that cross-over. You will need to set KEEP_QUOTE for each pair to make sure you leave no pair unfunded.

The issue is you only have one wallet for each coin in your exchange account. That results in a funds battle if you run pairs that cross each other. So for example, BTC-ETH and ETH-XMR are crossed. If KEEP_QUOTE is not set correctly, BTC-ETH will sell all your ETH, and leave ETH-XMR unfunded.


Settings made in a strategy are global and apply to all pairs configured to use that strategy. In case you want specific pairs to use different values for some parameters, you can override this per pair.

For example: Configuring a pair to use bb as strategy and override the MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL value set in the bb strategy would look like this in config.js:

"BTC-DASH": { "strategy": "bb", "enabled": true, "override": {"MIN_VOLUME_TO_SELL": 0.01}}

By setting “enabled” to false, Gunbot will not cycle a pair until it is enabled again.

If you want to override settings for pairs using the GUI, add the desired parameters on the pairs page.


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