Info on EMA

Stepgain follows the markets trend, and buys or sells as soon as the trend reverses. Assuming a trend reversal (from downtrend to uptrend) usually takes place close to the bottom of a price movement, this allows you to buy shortly after a price bottomed. Similarly, selling takes place when an uptrend turns into a downtrend.

Buying with Stepgain is based on EMA, enabling Gunbot to start looking for a trend reversal after a set percentage below the lowest EMA is reached.

Trends are calculated automatically by XTrend and are visible in your logs. XTrend results can vary depending on your setting forĀ PERIOD.

You can optionally use indicators like RSI or Stochastic as confirmation to only buy or sell when both a trend reversal and a specific indicator level occur.


In this example both BUYLVL and SELLLVL would be set to 2. A change of price movement direction is assumed a trend reversal in this example, in reality not every change of price direction will be considered a trend reversal because the strenght of the trend is considered as well.

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